Information on the classroom

We regularly perform 10 Japanese classes. The object is as follows.


◆ Those who can not speak Japanese with a foreigner and who want to improve everyday conversation.

◆ Those who are taking the first time and who can receive a level check in advance.

◆ Those who can attend without taking a break during the course period.


Qualification requirements

◆Must have a status of residence that continues throughout the course period.

◆ At the time of application, bring an alien registration card or bring a residence card (passport).

※ Those who wish to attend, please come to the person himself (proxy is not allowed).

We will close as soon as the capacity reaches 10 people.

We will also provide details of the course and certificate of completion.


Application is here

Please apply and consult with us in this classroom.

◆Thursday 13:00 ~ 15:30

◆Saturday 17:00 ~ 20:00

Midosuji Honmachi Japanese classroom


◆Representative:Takashi Tokumaru 090-1583-0557 

◆Deputy representative:Akiko Fujimoto 090-6975-3177